Our firm has been promoting the products of Stora Enso, Europe’s leading forest company, in the markets of Greece, Cyprus and Turkey since many years. Since 2017, we got the agency for the markets of Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Servia, Croatia and Albania.

Our close relationship with the group of Stora Enso goes back to 1969, a fact that gives us the right to say that have acquired a deep knowledge of the paper and board business ever since then.

Today we serve our markets through several local offices that represent us and promote our products, and our highly trained professionals are ready to offer to our customers the world’s best paper and packaging solutions

Consumer board division
Packaging solutions division

Specifically, since the start of its activities, Papercare is trading excellent qualities of paper, paperboard and wood products. It is the sole representative of the Swedish-Finnish firm Stora Enso, the biggest in Europe in forestry products. It is worth mentioning that in the domestic market it has the largest market share for almost all its products.



The customer base of Papercare includes the biggest publishing companies, paper and of wood products traders as well as large factories which use its products as raw or packaging materials.

Consumer Board Division

Packaging Solutions Division